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Student: Georgia Moore (Class of 2018)

Why: Moore applied for The New York Times Editorial Cartoon Contest and was one of the six winners in 2016. Her art “The Republican (Dante’s) Inferno” was inspired by Donald J. Trump’s reputation as he campaigned to be president.

Students: Mariana Monroy (Class of 2018)

Why: Spectrum News had originally come on November 9th, 2016 to interview Ann Richards students about how it felt to have the first female candidate lose during this election.

Student: Lucia Hruby (Class of 2017)

Why: Hruby was one of four in the United States chosen to attend a science expedition in Antarctica. She had received the news while a senior at Ann Richards.

Students: Guiny Thomas, Georgia Oldham, Maya Nunez, and Meredith Oldham (Class of 2016)

Why: The alumni participated in the Million Women’s March in Washington, D.C., before attending the People’s Inauguration led by NAACP. All students attending o colleges in the Northeast, they met up to support the rally.


Robotics club play


Why: The roboARTS club at Ann Richards created several short plays with robots as their actors. Composed of middle schoolers, the program made headlines due to early STEM education.


Students: Erin Lungwitz, Guiny Thomas (Class of 2016), Lucia Hruby (Class of 2017) Violet Villarreal, Marleigh Watts (Class of 2022)

Why: Three students gave Texas Senator John Cornyn a tour around Ann Richards campus in 2016. Senator Cornyn’s visit also entailed visiting seventh graders participating in a Google sponsored coding event in the cafeteria, where Villareal and Watts were featured.


Student: Wendy Rodriguez (Class of 2017)

Why: Rodriguez was profiled shortly after graduation due to her relationship with the Boys and Girls Club of Austin, specifically about her attendance in the annual Duck Derby Benefit, the club’s fundraiser.


Students: Mariah Garza, Zyla Alaniz (Class of 2022) Marcelina Duron (Class of 2023)

Why: The three were profiled at AISD’s Back to School Bash, where they spent their summer morning stuffing backpacks for kids around the district.


Student: Ash Pellette (Class of 2018)

Why: Each year, The Statesman profiles one athlete from each school. In 2017, Pellette was highlighted for their years in basketball.


Student: Noemi Covarrubias (Class of 2017)

Why: Covarrubias was photographed by several news outlets for her powerful speech given at “Day Without Immigrants” in February of 2017. The event was hosted shortly after Donald J. Trump’s inauguration in response to his remarks on immigrant Americans.


Students: Becca Alonso and Sierra Walton (Class of 2018)

Why: The two seniors attended One Texas Resistance Rally over the summer during the Texas Legislative Special session. They were interviewed for their objection of “the bathroom bill” and harsher regulations against immigrants.


Student: Sierra Walton (Class of 2018)

Why: Walton responded to a viral tweet regarding dog, and in return her tweet went viral as well. Her dog’s breed, a Brittany Spaniel, is notoriously known for having beautiful fur.


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