Editor-In-Chief (Print): Emily Weaver

Emily Weaver is a coffee, cat, book, Netflix, winter, shopping, record stores, dark chocolate, t-shirt, , metaphor, red lipstick, sunglasses, Halloween, and debate lover. 15 years old and currently a sophomore, she is excited for her Sweet-añera. Furball and Fuzzball are Emily's two broken cats, which she loves dearly. She loves politics, (#feelthebern) irony, and making fun of the people/things she cares about. She tries not to take things too seriously (except her GPA, which is the end all be all).

Editor-In-Cheif (Online): Becca Alonso

Rebecca Alonso, otherwise known as Becca, is a junior at Ann Richards, and has been attending since the 6th grade. This is Becca’s 3rd year in newspaper, she started in the summer of her freshmen year and is one of the editors in chief, next to Emily Weaver. She also spends her time working at a thrift store by the school. Becca enjoys listening to music, eating food, sleeping, singing, taking photos, and hanging out with her friends. Her mom knows her as a “passionate young being”, and her friends laugh at her jokes, so she’s probably funny.

Section Editors

Entertainment: Keyla Blanco

People know Keyla as a Sophomore on the school dance team. Keyla likes eating lots of different foods, pretending she has talent, and spending most of her time stalking celebrities on the internet. She’s always been interested in writing and this is the reason why she has joined the newspaper. You can find her sleeping in her bed, eating by the snack table, or mindlessly dancing in the middle of the grocery store.

Features: Sammie Seamon

Sammie Seamon is a freshman at ARS, and she’s excited for her first year of being on the Polaris Press staff. She is an avid reader, lover of lattés, overly competitive runner, amateur seamstress, and fierce protector of helpless animals. She is ready to take on the responsibility of being a newspaper reporter, and is eager to see where the Polaris Press will go this year!

Our Voices/Satire: Ally Wait

Alejandra Wait, also known as Ally, is a junior in the Biomedical pathway at the Ann Richards school. She has a passion for writing, and playing soccer and the guitar. Ally is Head Coach of the Austin region of the National Hispanic Institute. She is hip with all of the memes, and goes by the nickname, “meme queen.” When a new meme is forming, Ally feels it in her bones. Some call it a sixth sense. Ally is a Scorpio.

Beyond Our Walls: Gus Flores

Gus, or Gubs, Gubby, Guggy, Gubra, or Gubrothy as known by her friends is in the Media Technology pathway at the Ann Richards School. She has a passion for film, world politics, and post garage wave revival music. Her passion for world history and politics inspired her to become the Beyond Our Walls editor, as she tries to keep her community of fellow youths educated on the world around them. Gus has cool curly hair and pretends to be an edgy teen.

Creative Writing: Georgia Moore

Sports/Social Media: Ezra Morales

Ezra Morales is a junior at the Ann Richards School and is passionate about LGBTQ+ issues, specifically LGBTQ+ youth and their safety in schools. Ezra serves on the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network's (GLSEN) national student council, national advisory council and the local GLSEN Austin chapter's board. Ezra enjoys running, social media-ing and volunteering as well as advocating for oppressed communities. "I am no longer accepting the things I can not change. I am changing the things I can not accept" -Angela Davis.

Senior Editor: Elena Gonzalez

Elena is a current class of 2017 junior and returning member to the ARS Polaris Press. After taking a period of absence during the newspaper’s second year, she is now back and ready to investigate new news stories. She is a food enthusiast with a passion for running, even though she’s asked herself “why” as she arrives to school for 7am cross country practice. She enjoys seeing the world and often trips over her surroundings in the process. Ever since she nearly fell into a trash can, she’s learned to that the key to life is: Be vigilant, be safe, and always step with one foot at a time.

Systems and Managing Editor: Alia Segura

Alia is currently in the class of 2017 and this is her first year as a member of the Polaris Press. Alia loves to play videogames, solve riddles, and to obsess over her TV shows she watches. When not worried about school you can find her reading, listening to music, playing her games and enjoying her time with her family. While she likes to be active, sometimes her days just call for her to lay out on her floor in her bedroom surrounded by her weird colored blue-green walls thinking about random things.Even though she says she would totally survive a zombie apocalypse because of the amount of Walking Dead she watches, she knows deep inside her soul that she really won’t because they are a lot scarier in real life than on TV.

Staff Writers

Danny Armendariz

Brenda Avila

Lily DiFrank

Alyssa Cerda

Leslie Morales

Andrea Majalca

Ahna Stewart

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