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  • New and uniform: Students adjust to uniform changes

    Students model the Ann Richards high school uniform, which includes black shoes and socks. This is different from the middle school uniform, which requires white shoes and white socks.

    The first day of school is a huge day of firsts for many, or changes for others. For most new students, it’s their first time wearing a school uniform. Jaki Saldana (6) is one student wearing a uniform for the first time. “I feel like it’s was pretty easy, because at my old school you could wear whatever you want, so you had to pick out what to wear, but here, you already have it all.”

    Jonna Sanchez (6) is also new to wearing a uniform and learning about the Ann Richards uniform policy. “On a scale of one to ten, this school is a nine for being so different from my last school and mostly because of the uniforms.

    For the class of 2021 uniforms are nothing new, but putting on the blue polo for the first day of school instead of white is something new that students, including Ana Moreno (9), have been looking forward to. “It’s really different, seeing your friend dressing in blue,” Moreno explained. “When you walk in a room, and you’re like ‘Oh! High schoolers!’ but then you remember, oh right, I’m in 9th grade.”

    In addition to the changes for 6th and 9th graders, the entirety of the student body welcomes new changes to the Ann Richards dress code including permitted nose piercings and allowing students to opt out from wearing their ID lanyards. Previously, the dress code did not allow students to have visible nose piercings. To abide by the rules, students would either wear a clear stud, or cover their ring with a bandaid. This year, students are permitted to wear a simple, non-distracting nose stud.

    For safety, the school used to require students to wear their ARS ID badge on a lanyard around their neck. In the 2016-2017 school year, lost ID lanyards were a huge issue, requiring the office to replace several student’s ID badges. Now, this is an optional piece of the uniform. However, students will be required to scan their badge to check out books.  

    Librarian Shawn Mauser explained her idea to duplicate everyone’s ID. “Keep one on your Chromebook case to use in the library, and one in your wallet for discounts.”

    In addition to the excitement surrounding new dress code, Middle School principal, Briana Castano, would like to remind students to abide by the stated dress code and avoid demerits.

    “The easiest thing to do is check the rules, and just come to school in full uniform.” Castano explains that the uniform violations she most commonly sees are in shoes, lack of belts, and unnaturally colored hair.

    For the full Ann Richards School dress code policy, check the Student Handbook section of the ARS Student Planner.

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    May 29, 2017 • ARS News • Views: 272

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