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Food for the soul: Senior’s speech touches on the impact of music in her life

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Before 9th grade morning meeting commenced on September 20th, it was just another Wednesday for the students in attendance. However, senior Mariana Monroy sat to the side, nervous and impatient for the clock to strike 8:55 am. The previous week, her Senior Speech rehearsal was an emotional experience for her classmates, and while her topic…

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Paying your dues: How much extra curricular cost

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Jamming out: Ann Richards marching band preforms at Band Jamboree

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The Color Run

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The ARS Marching Band hosted their first annual Color Run 5k Fundraiser last Friday and a good time was had by all.  

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Marching Stars take on the 2014 AISD Marching Band Jamboree

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The Marching Stars made their first appearance this season at the AISD Marching Band Jamboree this week. “I like to go to Band Jamboree every year with the goal of showing a new improved version of the Marching Stars, to show everyone how much we as a band are improving,” said Reyna Ostos, leader of…

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The Marching Stars start off the new season with new directors and new attitude

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The Ann Richards Marching Band began preparing for their new season this past summer.  Their first performance will be at the 2014 Annual AISD Jamboree. “I am excited to go to Jamboree” said Tiffany Baltierra, Co-Drum Major of the Stars Marching Band. “I want all of the other bands to see how good we are…

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Band Banquet

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To celebrate a fantastic year, the high school band had a banquet last Friday. The banquet went incredible and consisted of great food from “La Feria,” a handful of awards given to members of the band, and a heartfelt thank you and honoring of the band’s four seniors Jadzia Cortez, Diana Huerta, Elizabeth Palafox, and Sid…

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Band and Orchestra Spring Concert

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  Listening to the beginning band and orchestra, and middle school band and orchestra, was amazing. Being present at their winter concert and now at their spring concert, it was exciting to hear how much they improved. Each group sounded incredible, and the pieces they played were phenomenal. Beginning Orchestra: *Bohemian Folk Song *Bow-Regard’s Parade…

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The Band Jamboree

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Bright lights, a green football field, and hundreds of cheering people filled the Toney Burger Center for the 41st annual AISD Band Jamboree. The annual AISD Band Jamboree is a showcase of Marching Shows from each AISD marching band, much like a gathering where all of us proud band nerds awe over each other’s marching…

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