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The Juniors Get Jobs

February 11, 2020

During the spring semester, one of the most unique elements of the Ann Richards experience happens. Every student has the opportunity to participate in a week-long internship program. Each junior chooses 10 internships from the...

Billie’s Art Show, An ARS Animation

February 11, 2020

On the weekend of January 18th, the annual weekend film challenge was hosted by Travis high school and was judged by the film and audio visual production teachers of AISD. This year, the head of the Media Tech pathway, Roger S...

Welcome to Astroworld

January 14, 2020

The second annual Astroworld Festival that Travis Scott created took place in Houston, Texas on November 9th. While doors officially opened at noon that day, fans took it upon themselves to spend the night before on the sidewal...

Minecraft is Back

January 14, 2020

This year gave way to many new trends along with the resurgence of some old ones, most notably Minecraft’s rise in popularity. This year Minecraft celebrated its tenth birthday and was listed as the most downloaded and play...

A Bat’s Background

February 27, 2019

Recently, there has been a new addition to the ARS family: a small colony of bats. The majority of the students and staff became aware of the bats during the morning assembly when a bat made an appearance during Ginger Rodrig...

Cornerstone Around the Corner

February 10, 2019

  At Ann Richards, a major project for each pathway happens sophomore year, the Cornerstone. This semester-long assignment blends the subjects studied in each pathway during 9th and 10th grade, ranging from the princip...

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