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Having a bad day and need advice? Then Ask Ann! Ann is a fictional character that will help you with your problems. Don’t worry, because your questions are completely anonymous. Don’t hesitate to ask her anything. To protect the identity of people that could be involved in your issue, we ask you to consider their feelings by not including names. Thank You.

Sample Format:

Subject: Friends

Dear Ann,

Lately I feel like my friend has been unappreciative towards my friendship. I try my best to be nice, and it goes unacknowledged. What should I do?

—Invisible Friend (This is your sign off)

Dear Invisible Friend,

If you are truly good friends with this person, you should be able to talk to them about how you feel. Although your feelings are hurt, you should also consider their feelings, maybe they are going through something? The only way to truly know is to talk to them. —Ann

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Note: The “Name” should be what Ann will call you when replying to your question, or your SIGN OFF. The Subject should be something like “Family” so Ann can easily know what your question is about.

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