A Fine Night to Remember: ARS Fine Arts Social


Lupita Galvan

Girls from all the Fine Arts having fun on the moonbounce, at the ARS Fine Arts Social

Lupita Galvan, ARS News Editor

The Ann Richards Chorale program extended an invitation to the other Fine Arts to their social, that became a Fine night to remember.


Since 2010 Millicent Jardine, the Choral Director here, started the event: the Choir Social,

“When I was in school, we had a choir social and I always thought it was really nice to get together with all of the other choir students just to have fun and not worry about working and doing homework, a way to get to know each other,” said Ms. Jardine. This event consisted of all the girls from the choirs getting together, eating hamburgers, chips, and cookies; playing board games; watching movies while eating popcorn; just having some time to spend with each other. This year they were going to expect more girls at the social, they had made the event bigger than in years past, inviting all of the Fine Arts students to take part in this now yearly event,

dsc_0014“We decided that we wanted to include everyone in the Fine Arts, and turned it  into a BIG Fine Arts party.” This year they included a moon-bounce, this is the second year that they’ve added this attraction. Even though the night wasn’t done, Ms. Jardine already had some things on her mind as improvements for next year,

“We’ll make sure to have adults at the tables with the food, so the kids won’t take advantage of the food that is being served to them,”  said Ms. Jardine. “We’ve had a really great turn-out and I’m learning things that we can do better for next year. I’m glad that lots of people came.”


The Ann Richards school takes pride in their Fine Arts program in fact, this year, we added a new art, the art of dance. All the students believe that their fine art is important, including Monica Martinez, a junior,


“I feel like singing is a part of me, a part of who I am,” said Martinez. “I can express myself through my singing, it’s like I have my own instrument that I carry around wherever I want to.”

The purpose of this social was made from the start,

“I’m hoping that all of you [the students] realize that it’s fun and exciting to be part of a fine art, ” said Ms. Jardine. “That y’all can all get along in each other’s company and have a great time together.” It is made apparent that the girls are starting to recognize it,

“Fine arts give people the opportunity to express their emotions in different ways,” said Martinez. “School stresses people out; A fine art is like yoga, it gives you some time to yourself to get to know how you’re feeling. People get really inspired, it’s beautiful.”