ARS Girls Meet Senator Wendy Davis


Erin Lungwitz, Editor of Editorials

On September 29, 2013, hundreds of people gathered in the AT&T Conference Center to hear Senator Wendy Davis speak at the Texas Tribune Festival. Among those hundreds, twenty ARS girls could be found in the crowd meeting with Senator Davis.

“Wow, not everyone gets to do this!” said sophomore Maya Nunez.

The event kicked off with moderator Evan Smith asking Wendy Davis some questions.

On running for senator in 2007 Senator Davis said, “I knew that it would be hard, but I knew that it was possible.”

This message from Senator Davis made a strong impression on ARS girl Maya Nunez, “You can honestly do anything with your life even if it doesn’t seem like it. You can learn that from her as a person. She didn’t come from a very rich family, she got by day by day and look where she is now. She was a waitress and she ended up going to Harvard law school.” said Nunez.

Senator Davis continued with, “I truly believe in the things and people I stand for. I am capable to withstand all kinds of heat to stand for people who need to be heard.”

On the topic of education Senator Davis said, “There are so many places we can be doing better.” She followed up with, “Everyone deserves that [college education] if they want it.”

Wendy Davis  also mentioned that she wanted there to be pre-kindergarten available for all children and the she was proud of taking the stress of off standardized testing in Texas schools.

Wendy Davis spoke about a plethora of issues, and answered many questions from Texan citizens. Meredith Oldham made note of some of the questions people asked and some of the other issues Senator Davis spoke about.


“[Before hearing Wendy Davis speak] There were a couple of things I didn’t really know. There was one lady who asked about [undocumented]immigrants getting drivers licenses. I’d never heard of this issue before, but now I hear about it all the time. I learned that Wendy Davis had much stronger opinions on education than I thought. I’d only heard her talk about Planned Parenthood, but I learned that she believes strongly in a lot of issues. ” said Meredith Oldham.

After listening to Senator Wendy Davis speak, there were some Texas-oriented festivities in the ballroom that Senator Davis spoke in. ARS girls listened  to the U.T. band play the Texas fight song as U.T. cheerleaders did routines.

“It was unexpected, a nice little surprise at the end.” said ARS girl Meredith Oldham.


After Senator Davis spoke, the posse of Ann Richards girls met with Ms. Davis.

On meeting Wendy Davis, Meredith Oldham said, “I was nervous, but really thrilled. When I met her I was star struck.”

“She’s a very approachable person. It was definitely her personality and the way she came off, you felt like you could sit down and have a conversation with her.” said Maya Nunez.

Junior, Eliza Martin presented Senator Davis with an Ann Richards tote bag to thank her. After receiving the tote, Senator Davis mentioned  that Ann Richards was a great female leader.

The ARS girls learned a lot from listening to and meeting Wendy Davis. Many girls have high hopes that this senator, and potential governor will make a visit to the Ann Richards School in the near future.