101x presented The Neighbourhood last Friday at Emo’s

101x presented The Neighbourhood last Friday at Emos

Kelly Friedman, Staff Reporter

Emos Kelly 3Hey, let’s talk about The Hood… No not your hood, or mine, but The Neighbourhood! This up and coming alternative band from California rocked a sold out concert at Emo’s last Friday night.  The 9 o’clock show had music lovers in lines that were wrapped around the corner hours before.  This standing room only venue housed many people of all ages. Hipster, skater, and bohemian styles filled the jam pack room to enjoy the sound of the bands emotionally charged music.

Emos Kelly 2

The opening act was a DJ duo that spun old and new dance music to warm up the crowd for this featured band.  Then, the five, all boy band members stepped onto the dark stage to entertain the anxiously waiting crowd.

Lead vocalist Jesse Rutherford and his other band mates engaged the crowd with their inclusive stage presence and style.   They sang many of their popular songs like: Sweater Weather, Afraid and Female Robbery.  Even though their songs aren’t considered explicit, Jesse had no problem incorporating many curse words to show the true emotions of the group’s songs.

I highly recommend checking out this band the next time they are in Austin.  For more cool, inexpensive and interesting bands, check out Emos’s webpage. This is an all ages music venue based on bands featured.