Close Call: But We Picked Up For Victory


The Stars Varsity team meets in the middle to celebrate their big victory

Toni Akunebu, Sports Editor

Every breath was held, white knuckles were seen and the unmistakable sound of erratic heart beats could be heard. In the close call Ann Richards versus McCallum Volleyball game, Varsity and Junior Varsity take two wins. In the crowd of royal blue, black and white, the excitement, anxiety and pride could be easily seen on the fan’s faces. The McCallum game was going to be of importance, the game that decides the district place of Ann Richards. “It’s the biggest game of the season” said Georgia Oldham (10th grade), an ARS student “It’s a big deal to us because they took the Championship game from us and this year we want to go for the gold.”  The freshman game was a close call, the game going up to the three rounds resulting with a loss for Ann Richards. “After the freshman loss a tough game, I was a bit more nervous,” said Varsity player, Sofia Hruby (11th Grade). “I started to only focus on the game and how we were going to win”

Stars Junior Varstiy poses after their big win against Mccallum
Stars Junior Varstiy poses after their big win against Mccallum

With the loss in mind, the Junior Varsity team had to mentally and physically prepared. “I’m ready. I’ve been thinking about this game for a week and a half now,” said JV player, Alexis Taylor (11th Grade). “ I mean of course we’ve been preparing for it all season, but I’ve really been focusing in on it and how I want to play, and I’m ready to perform.” From the stands, it could be easily seen that the McCallum Knights were there to not only win, but to get inside the Stars’ heads. “They [McCallum] go into every game thinking they could beat us. The Varsity squad came over to mock our Cheerleaders,” said JV player , Olivia Crouch (10th Grade). “[But] Our Coach yelled at us, told us to get our heads in the game, use our skills, because we knew we had to beat them.” With the first round a loss, the JV squad pulled together and brought home the win for ARS. “I was very confident in my girls. They were mentally prepared and ready to go.” Said Coach Brown “I am so proud, it was amazing to watch them win. Tonight was awesome.”

Blasting from the speakers, T.I’s ‘Bring Em Out’ plays as the Varsity squad raced out to the court to play the final and last match of the night. “This game was a stressful experience.”  Said Augustus Dexheimer (10th grade), an ARS student. “I was sitting on the edge of my seat. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the Varsity players.” The Varsity team took the games in stride, taking each serve, hit, dig and point as a mini victory. “One thing I always think is ‘in, I win’ just get it in.” Said Varsity player, Sierra Melomo (10th grade) “I look at the crowd and I’m like, ‘Hey crowd, how you doing? Watch me serve this ball in their faces.’”  With the second game a close tie, the Stars banded together and earned the win. “I feel very proud to watch the volleyball games,” said Marissa Gonzales (11th grade), an ARS student. “I know so many of the girls as close friends and it’s so inspirational seeing them on the court with so much passion and focus.”