The Band Jamboree

Elena Gonzalez

Bright lights, a green football field, and hundreds of cheering people filled the Toney Burger Center for the 41st annual AISD Band Jamboree.

The annual AISD Band Jamboree is a showcase of Marching Shows from each AISD marching band, much like a gathering where all of us proud band nerds awe over each other’s marching shows.

“Good luck ladies!” said Mrs. Goka as she and Mrs. Turner came to cheer on our Marching band as well as the others.

The Jamboree began with the performance of The Star Spangled Banner from students from all of the AISD Marching Bands. Next came our very own Ann Richards Marching band to begin the 2013 Marching show performances.

They entered the field, found their spots, and the stadium grew silent as the band brought their instruments up to playing position. The first note was played and the show began with their first piece; Malagueña by Ernesto Lecuona.

The colorguard performed their choreography together as the band marched their sets. The last note ended with all instruments angled at the announcer’s box and then the band readied themselves for their second piece.

Their second piece was Sway by Pablo Beltran Ruiz and recorded by Michael Bublé. It featured soloist Class of 2014 ARS Senior, Diana Huerta. Her solo finished and the crowd erupted in cheers and applause.

The piece ended and the band stood at attention while the percussion began their own feature piece; Cuban Pete by Jose Norman.

It had the crowd dancing in their seats and bobbing their heads to the familiar tune. The piece ended and our Marching band exited off the field.

“Woo! Ann Richards!” cheered Bowie as they gave a standing ovation.

There has been many positive comments of major improvement in our marching band and there is a strong belief that they can only go up from here.