Updated: Day of Service 2013


Myra Noralez , Miranda Toy, and Rewon Shimray

Wet, muddy, and dreary. Normally not the words to describe a day in Austin during the month of September, but last Friday, water poured over Ann Richards girls as they participated in the Day of Service.

On September 20 the Ann Richards School dedicated it’s day to helping out the city of Austin. The young women leaders dispersed onto separate buses and traveled all over town to work at their designated service projects.

“The rain beat the heat, that’s for sure.” said Katya Wittliff, “We were drenched by the end of it, but we had a great time.”

One of the projects, at the Blackland Community Center, was based mostly on outside work like weeding a playground and raking leaves. The girls had to sit under a gazebo to wait for the heavy rain to stop then went straight back to work.

“It was something I wasn’t expecting,” said Ally Reznicek, part of the Blunn Creek crew, “but it was definitely a lot of fun. We ate some good food, had some good laughs, all while helping our community.”

Students who were scheduled to go to Blunn Creek weren’t able to go due to the rain. Instead they went straight to the United Way event where they were divided into two groups: one helped set up for the event, while the other wrote letters to middle school students to keep them positive throughout the school year. The group also helped make stress balls for those same students.

Each grade level had a different experience. Brianna Cruz, junior, went to the woods and cleared fallen trees. The class of 2015 was able to do “work that would have normally taken two weeks to complete in one hour”.

“It’s amazing to see everyone coming together for a greater cause.” said Dennis Vera, also a junior, “Just to see the community working to make the city a better place is encouraging.”

Vera was at United Way, helping set up for the luncheon with all of the volunteers. Cleaning the floors, setting up tables, and arranging centerpieces, the crew worked hard to make the event possible. Their efforts paid off as hundreds of people were able to come together and congratulate each other on their hard work.


This service has not only been featured on ARS media, but in other outlets as well! 15 students who visited  Circle of Health International wrote letters to Syrian Refugees living in the Jordanian Za’atari refugee camp, and were featured on the COHI blog. You can find more photos on their facebook page.

From the Circle of Health International Blog, Photo Credit: Chandra Achberger