Bon temps: French students celebrate Mardi Gras


French III students stack masks on table to allow them to dry.

Sierra Walton and Emily Weaver

Laissez le bon temps rouler! On February 9, 2016, the Ann Richards French classes celebrated Mardi Gras, the holiday before lent known as “fat Tuesday.”

“Mardi Gras just makes French a little more here,” Abby Williams, French teacher said. “You can see it, you can see the culture, you can see and celebrate and recognize that French is not just some foreign, European thing, that only applies to one country, that it is global.”

Students got to make masks during class, and eat French and Cajun themed food, including King Cake. Themed masks were common among French III students. “I decided to get into the animal part of Mardi Gras. They’re [the masks] all a little wild, so I decided what’s more wild than a fox?” sophomore Jennifer Molina said.  

Some French III students reflected on their favorite memories of past Mardi Gras. “My masks were always really weird, and I got to wear them during class,”sophomore  Spencer Phillips said.