Reasons to Stay: Why ARS is right for you



We are juniors, so we haven’t graduated yet. We don’t know exactly what the future holds or how what we’re learning now will affect our future selves…but we know it’s going to matter. We’ve been here since our first day of middle school. We’ve been guinea pigs, we’ve been frustrated with event outcomes, and we’ve wondered what life outside of ARS waslike. Through it all – the projects, the tests, the late nights – we’ve stuck it out. So we present to you, a list of reasons to stay.



It’s tough but it pays off

The large amounts of homework, test stress, and Cosgrove’s nearly impossible workouts are all gearing us up for a better future, even if we don’t realize it now. Many alumnae say that their first year of college was easy because Ann Richards prepared them for the rigorous work. Everything from the start to the end is worth it since we benefit from all of the strenuous work.


Supports us in our college endeavors

This school is focused on helping us succeed. If you couldn’t tell from the numerous college pennants that represent where ARS students have visited, this fact is apparent through the stressed importance of excelling on schoolwork and tests. We are very privileged to be able to visit colleges and to have advisors in the college center working to help us afford college and to meet college expectations. Our school does more than other schools to help us become leaders and successful women in the workforce.


Prepares us for the real world

Whether you know it or not, this school is setting you on the path to be successful in the real world. Life isn’t sugar-coated; people leave, change is inevitable, and you have two choices: learn to live with it or give up. Here at ARS, no matter what class you’re in, you have been faced with this decision, primarily because the school we attend isn’t even ten years old–they’re still figuring things out. We try new things all of the time and (disregard the morbid tone) if you’re still here, then congratulations! You haven’t given up, no matter what you say. You’re already here and you’ve stayed this long–why not just prove to yourself that you can do this?


Teaches us life skills

We’re learning life skills. Every. Day. We’re learning how to manage our responsibilities because we’re not limited to the number of activities and organizations we sign up for: it’s up to us to figure out if there’s enough time for everything we want to do. On top of that, we’re learning very valuable people skills. Namely, how to work alongside those who aren’t of the same mindset as us, something we’ll no doubt come across in the real world.


“Hey Soul Sister”

Being around the same gender, although a bit much at times, is indeed beneficial. You know those times when you really need a girl-to-girl talk? Well you’ve got 780+ girls to converse with, you’re bound to find someone who feels the same about that episode of that TV show, or who can relate to your situation. Many will argue that an all-girl environment prevents certain growth and personality development, but we think we’ve got a comfortable set-up here.
We get that everything is stressful. Yes school sucks, but think about it like this: if you work hard now, you can have a stressless life later. As opposed to nagging, we should all appreciate what is offered to us because after all, of the numerous applicants, we made it in. So make the most of it. Why not stay?