Reflecting Stars: Alumnae remember ARS days


Class of ‘13 graduates Nereyda Santiago Arzate, Lily Pellette, and Jenny Vo laugh as they answer questions about college life, post-Ann Richards. Photo by Cici Jordan.

The Ann Richards alumnae returned Friday, January 8, 2016 to share their college experiences with ARS students and give them advice for their journey on becoming college students. They also spoke about living in the real world to prove to students that there is life beyond middle and high school.

Alumnae reported that the ARS curriculum prepared them for college. The character traits developed were a key factor in pushing them into leadership roles. They created study groups and some alumnae are expected to graduate early because of AP credit they received.

“I have to take almost double the hours that I would usually have to take for one major,” Josie MacLean said. “…Because I had AP credit, I’ll be able to take those hours and still graduate in four years without having to worry about it, so while you’re still here, get all the AP credit you can.”

Many graduates said they missed some aspects of the school, ranging from teachers to how close everyone was to each other. Many of the alumnae felt that the connection between one another weakened because their college schedules became too full.

“I know they say that you’re going to keep up with everyone, but it’s not the same,” Class of ‘13 alumna Casey Garcia said.

The Ann Richards alumnae also discussed how prepared they felt to go to college in terms of academics and independency. Some believed that classes were easier for them because material was introduced to them by ambitious ARS teachers.

“…It was just so surprising to see other people struggling to do something that was so easy,” Ana Gonzalez, Class of ‘13 alumna.