Senior Sage: Seniors give advice on college applications

Lucia Hruby

Already, 618 applications have been sent out to 171 different colleges by Ann Richards seniors. Each senior has already been accepted into a two-year colleges and 96% have been accepted at four-year colleges. After completing their college applications, some seniors reflect on their application process and offer tips and advice to future seniors.


24267985602_74606e79ab_kSierra Melomo

“Definitely try to get all of your stuff done as soon as possible especially for the common apps and Apply Texas because once you get all the essays done, you can just apply to schools really quickly.”

“Don’t be afraid to talk to Mr. Heineman about your place in college applications. He can be a really useful resource.”

“Ask teachers and classmates to edit your essays and give you advice. A second pair of eyes can be very helpful.”


21540971812_657c676f62_kMyra Noralez

“It’s definitely important to visit the schools that you’re applying to because you don’t want to waste your time applying to a school that you end up not liking. Location didn’t really matter to me until I realized that it did. When I went to visit, some of the schools were in small remote towns and I didn’t really like them as much.”

“Make sure you really pay attention to deadlines and write them down in your agenda so that you don’t forget.  For Texas A&M Corpus, I missed the scholarship deadline, which was unfortunate.”

“Don’t doubt your abilities to get into certain schools. You never know what each school is looking for.”


22065818228_6062fc4101_kTiffany Baltierra

“When you start ‘college boot camp’ in August, you should try to finish as much of your application then because once school starts, it becomes really difficult to find time to do everything.”

“Focus on your own applications and don’t compare yourself to others and how many applications they’ve completed. You can avoid a lot of unnecessary pressure.”

“Look at schools that have strong programs in what you want to study.”



24008431729_d21a5eb62d_kAndrea Gomez

“I think the most important thing to remember is to see college as more of a college thing and not so much as this huge mountain that you have to climb. The more you freak out about college applications, the harder it will be to complete applications.”

“When writing your college essays, try to write about a unique experience of yours that isn’t like one anyone else would have because you really want to stand out from other students applying.”

“It’s important to stay organized throughout the entire application process and make sure that you are on top of deadlines and how far along you are in the application. The more scattered everything is, the harder it is to be productive.”


doneJill DiCuffa

“Narrow down your college choices by thinking about colleges that are more realistic to you.”

“Talk to adults about their college experiences and ask questions that you really want to know.”

“Keep a really open mind and a positive outlook about college. See college as an opportunity and not something that you have to do.”