In a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Star Wars Episode VII Review


The official theatrical poster for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, the seventh installment in the Star Wars series.

Georgia Moore, Club Writer

The highest grossing film of all time is the most recent installment of the Star Wars films Episode VII, The Force Awakens. It was released on December 18th, 2015.

Even on Christmas Day, there were sold-out theaters with lines out the door. Some costumed fans arrived for additional viewings of the film. On opening night, a squad of Stormtroopers and Darth Vader marched into the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar accompanied by a band playing the Imperial march. The most dedicated fans sat through watching all of the films in order, ending with Episode VII.

A little over a week after its debut, Episode VII has exploded into fan accounts, parody Twitters, wild theories, and tons of merchandise. For fans who have yet to see the film, it’s almost impossible to avoid spoilers in any other way than boycotting social media.

The real question is, did it live up to the hype?

It begins with the familiar yellow scrolling text. The bad guys are back, seeking to destroy the good guys. Big spoiler there. One of said good guys is a pilot named Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), who works the Resistance, and who teams up with ex-stormtrooper “Finn” (John Boyega) to protect the BB-8 droid holding special information. Naturally they are soon separated, leaving Finn to deal with a droid being desperately sought out by the First Order.

Finn runs into a scavenger named Rey (Daisy Ridley), who is possibly the coolest female character in the Star Wars universe ever. I can’t say any more without spoilers, but she is honestly such an amazing heroine. The two and BB-8 seek refuge with the Resistance and get help from some familiar faces.

The trio seems familiar: the suave pilot, the family-less loner from the desert, and the one with a droid on a secret mission. In fact, Episode VII: The Force Awakens is very similar to Episode IV, with the masked Kylo Ren echoing Darth Vader’s signature look and the final showdown including a heroic pilot blowing up the battle station. Viewers definitely experienced some tears and an epic lightsaber battle.   

Though the similarities between the two are notable, The Force Awakens sets itself apart from the previous films, and other films in general by breaking down some barriers of today, with two heroes who are also people of color alongside an inspiring heroine.

In conclusion, go see Star Wars Episode VII. Yes, it does live up to the hype. After seeing the movie twice, I can attest to that. Serving as both an exciting next chapter and an homage to Episode IV, The Force Awakens is a great film for the next generation of Star Wars fans as well as those before them.