Blown over blessings: Taking time to give thanks


My friend and I dress up as Native Americans for a Thanksgiving assignment in kindergarten.

Sammie Seamon, Reporter

In elementary school, when Thanksgiving rolled around, our teacher would usually give us a little sheet with a cartoon turkey at the top and several blank lines. We would write a little list of things that we were thankful for that year, and hand it in. A super easy activity that kills 10 minutes and gets everyone in the holiday spirit. But now that we’re older, we don’t necessarily make a list of everything we’re thankful for, and sometimes we don’t think of it at all.

I remember in sixth grade, I was a little bit disoriented at Thanksgiving. I used to have the opportunity to read hundreds of laminated turkeys that our teachers would sticky-putty to the walls and door. I used to be constantly reminded that Thanksgiving was right around the corner. I used to be reminded repetitively that now was the time for reflection. But since reflection wasn’t forced upon us anymore, I decided to force myself to reflect on Thanksgiving. The process seemed to have more depth, and rather than making a shallow list, like I did in my elementary school days.I found myself struggling to think of everything I should be thankful for. I mean, many people are fortunate enough to have the basics down: friends, family, plenty of food, a roof over our heads. And while those things are important, we should remember the little things that happen in our day to day lives, and things that we take for granted daily.

As I was walking to the bus stop on a chilly Monday morning, I couldn’t help but notice how wonderful the brisk air felt on my face, how the birds were singing and singing, and how I was stepping on all the colors of the sunset. I was suddenly overcome by the fact that I am lucky enough to have a moment of peace and quiet, and that I have easy access to an education, that I have a perfectly functioning body that could breathe air in and out without a problem, and have people in my life that are proud of me. Reminding myself of those things made me feel extremely grateful and at ease, and I hope that this Thanksgiving we can all remind ourselves of the little luxuries we get to enjoy every single day.