A trip with the trouble children: Louisiana Trip Survival guide for the Class of 2018

Ally Wait, Staff Writer


We all know the Class of 2018 is a rambunctious one. If the reader is a sophomore, prepare yourself for a wild ride with this survival guide. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy. Also continue reading just in case you ever need to travel with ninety-nine wild cards.

  1. Meme Up: First of all, humor is valued in the Class of 2018. If anything draws them together, it is the jokes that move through the internet. Some class jokes are those having to do with PSAT Memes (What’s the Mememing of This: Students post memes of PSAT questions) or interpretations of viral videos, images, and so forth. To get you going, one that particularly applies to this situation is the “Little Einsteins” theme song: The main lyrics are: “We’re going on a trip, in our favorite rocket ship. Zooming through the sky, Little Einsteins. climb aboard, get ready to explore. There’s so much to find. Little Einsteins.”
  2. Be Well Rested: No matter the time restrictions, there will be late nights and tiring days. There is no stopping in an Ann Richards School field trip, especially with the wild, energy-filled Class of 2018. It is a mystery as to how this class has so much energy: some say it’s the coffee, some say we are all still filled with the drive of youthful energy. Nonetheless, it is essential to survival to be rested prior to the trip.
  3. Prepare Your Voice: Although we may not show our class spirit in the school assemblies, when asked to cheer, bus rides are typically filled with countless renditions of songs both old and new. Prepare your throat for extensive and loud singing. Just in case, bring your headphones and music to listen to. If we are not all singing together, no one wants to hear your music. Be educated on the classic songs of “High School Musical,” and new popular songs that may come on the radio for example “Hotline Bling” by Drake and “The Hills” by The Weeknd. There are playlists made for this trip, made by yours truly: Party Bus, Rock Out, Chill/ Sleep, and Homework. Check them out on the Polaris Press Spotify for great bus rides filled with great music!
  4. Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Money: In all seriousness, a day will be spent at the French Quarter in New Orleans. Money and valuables should be kept in places where they are not easily stolen. For example, put your money in your socks. If you put valuables in a backpack, put them at the bottom under less valuable items. It is not wise to use a purse that is not secure on the wearer, or to put items in something that does not close properly. Do not put phones and money in the back pockets of your shorts or skirts.
  5. Stock Up: Louisiana is known for the amazing food. However, it is essential (not to mention expected) that everyone bring food to snack on late at night in the hotel room and on the long bus rides. Some common snacks that will make you popular with everyone: Takis, Oreos, potato chips, gum, popcorn.

The sophomore Louisiana trip is known throughout the school as the farthest, longest, and most fun field trip students at Ann Richards will take. An exciting event to look forward to, it is important to pack and prepare correctly–comfortable uniforms fit for the cold and rainy weather, and a good attitude.