Immovable Marathoners: Marathon High starts back up again despite not having paid coaches for the first time


Sammie Seamon, Reporter

Rogue Running stopped providing paid coaches and mentors for running club, Marathon High. Despite this, Marathon High started up again with coaches that joined on a volunteer basis.

“We’re on an all-volunteer basis, but Rogue still lets us use their facilities for the long runs, and still provide a lot of support,” teacher and Marathon High coach Brendon Kepner said. “Marathon High is an expensive program and it doesn’t cost students anything, and it takes a certain amount of sponsorships to maintain it. And I think Marathon High hopefully will get some long term community sponsorship so that its stable from year to year.”

Eighth grader Jocelyn Martinez attributes her love of running to Marathon High.

“I did it last year and I really liked it, that’s one of the reasons I came back this year,” Martinez said. “It just helped me do what I like, I like to run. I know that if I was just at home I wouldn’t run.”

Marathon High is a program that trains middle and high schoolers for the Austin marathon and half marathon in February. Kepner looks forward for the coming progress this season, and hopes that the successful program will be able to continue financially.

“I hope [Marathon High] survives and it sustains, its been a victim of its own success,” Coach Kepner said. “Because it’s so popular that we have to think about how we have a club that can provide all of these great services to the number of students who want it.

Coach Kepner is proud of the girls’ determined attitude in Marathon High, and the amount of people who want to join the club.

“I think it takes an enormous amount of courage to try something new and especially to try running,” Kepner said. “We haven’t had a day so far under 90 degrees, so it takes guts and it takes a little bit of courage to come out and run.”

The girls are grateful for Marathon High, and have high hopes for the future.

“Marathon High allows me to do what I would consider the impossible,” eighth grade runner Esmeralda Aguilar said. “I believe that Marathon High pushes me out of my comfort zone in a friendly manner.”