Dancing with the Stars: Seniors try new types of fitness activities

Rewon Shimray, Staff Writer

Sarah Bustos (12) welcomes students into Doyumba. Photo taken by Rewon Shimray.

Exclamations of “my life has just been changed!” filled the hallway as students filed into the hallway.

 Last Thursday, October 22, seniors experienced Doyumba for the first time. Doyumba is the Doy Roberts, STARS teacher approach to the popular dance exercise Zumba. Seniors attended Doyumba to earn credit for a Stars Fitness module due Monday, October 26. The assignment had many components to it, one of which was to try three new types of fitness activities. Roberts offered to lead a class for the seniors specifically for the module.

“By the end– we were all walking out– and we were sweating, but like we didn’t even realize… it’s fun, so it didn’t feel like a workout,” Chancie Calliham, senior said.

Minutes after the class ended, students could be found dancing in the foyer. Seniors Shara Henderson and Faith Vanderburg were reenacting a dance routine they knew from a music video. The duo typically don’t dance together, but they came out of the Doyumba session feeling particularly inspired.

Shara Henderson (12) and Faith Vanderburg (12) dance in the hallway after Doyumba. The environment of Doyumba was very different to that of the place where Henderson usually dances: her room. “There’s more people. Usually I’m just dancing alone in my room. Without a mirror,” Henderson said. Photo taken by Rewon Shimray.

“We were just like, ‘Oh, we have free time and space, let’s dance,’” Henderson said.

A main goal of the fitness module was to get students into the mindset of integrating movement into their daily routine.

“I think it [the fitness module] was really good for us to see how we would actually fit that kind of stuff into our schedule,” Calliham said.

Calliham already balances academics with fitness as both a volleyball and basketball player.

“Right now it’s easy to workout, because I’m just like, well I have to, it’s a sport, that’s what we do, we run, we do all this stuff,” Calliham said. “This [fitness module] is a good thing cause I haven’t really thought about what I’d do after sports. I don’t wanna get that freshman fifty.”

Besides Doyumba, seniors have tried a large variety of new activities.

Violet Ames (12), Helen Onuorah (12), Ally Reznicek (12), Sierra Melomo (12) and Fatima Gloria (12) line up on the track. Onuorah led her own fitness activity for her classmates. She modeled her workout after a typical Track practice. “It’s going to be rusty, that much I expect,” Onuorah said, “I’m hoping to try really hard, but if I fail afterwards, I mean, it is what it is. I think we’ll have fun overall, you know like failing together but it’ll be good.” Photo taken by Kyliegh Lindholm.

Alexis Segura, a varsity runner for the school cross country team, expressed plans of bike riding, because despite her athleticism, she doesn’t know how to ride a bike.

“I would try these things most likely some point in the future,” Segura said. “But it’s nice to know what I would enjoy before going to college. That way I’m not just having to guess.”

Cristina Trevino, senior, tried two extremely different workouts: salsa dancing and P90X, a home fitness program which claims to transform bodies in ninety days.

“Exercise doesn’t have to be this tortuous thing,” Roberts said. “If you hate to run, or you hate to swim or whatever, there’s other avenues you can pursue. Or if you love those things, but you want to try something new, those options are out there.”