Freaky Friday: School locks down due to flash flood and tornado warnings


Rewon Shimray, Staff Writer

“There was a tornado coming my way as I was coming [to school,]” Maria Olea, senior said.

Today, October 30, the weather report warned of flash floods and tornadoes. Students went into lockdown at 8:23 AM.

“I think that it probably would’ve been wise to do a two-hour delay today, because when I woke up today, there were both flash flood and tornado watches and warnings,” Brendon Kepner, teacher said. “And if we freak out, over a little sliver of ice on the ground then I think we should probably take tornado warnings more seriously. But we’re here, we’re safe… This is why we have drills, everything’s going according to plan.”

Students wait in lockdown mode in the locker room.

As students pulled into Ann Richards, Samara Anderson, the school security guard, could be seen standing in a full-body yellow suit holding an umbrella, guiding guards into the driveway. From the driveway, students were greeted by Diana Nenque, the school’s parent support specialist, who escorted students from their cars to the front entrance.

“I was escorted in, so I felt really special, like oh you don’t want me to get wet, that’s fine you know. It made me feel really good,” Vanessa Castro, senior said.

After entering the building, students were directed to go into the locker room. Inside the locker room, students could be found all over the floors, benches and against the walls. Everyone occupied themselves in different ways: doing homework, taking Snapchats, braiding each other’s hair, etc. Olea curled her eyelashes through the mirror of a Naked palette.

“If I’m gon’ die, I’m gon’ die looking fabulous,” Olea said.

Izzy Vergara (9) and Helena White (9) play their instruments in the locker room.

Izzy Vergara, freshman, played her cello, sitting on a locker room bench. She says she didn’t know what else to do with her time.

“If I were at home, I’d just watch Netflix and be just fine,” Vergaro said.

Castro also expressed wishes to be home.

“I really wanted to stay home, but I was like no, I have AP Bio… And now I regret it,” Castro said.

At 9:29, Kristina Waugh, High School Vice Principle updated the students that the lockdown will continue until at least 9:45, advising them to “get comfortable, get some space” until then.

“As soon as we can let you out, we will let you out,” Waugh said.