Hogwarts or Ann Richards?: Harry Potter fan club launch

Emily Ownby, Staff Writer

Two Ann Richards sixth graders, Ivy Moore and Grace Slagle faced the middle school assembly  Tuesday, September 22nd to announce the creation of the exclusive Harry Potter Club.


The presentation was complete with a PowerPoint advertising the activities that would be occurring within the club.


“Knowing Ivy Moore, she will get this done,” said club sponsor and librarian Shawn Mauser. 


In order to be considered for acceptance, students had to complete a survey. The survey included specific questions about all seven Harry Potter books, and all eight movies. Moore and Slagle planned to only review the first 25 applications submitted. Despite their ideal 25 person cap, 27 girls were accepted in total.


“We’ll be discussing the books, doing activities and talking about everything,” Moore said.


Members will participate in activities such as sorting (into houses), dueling, wand making, Quidditch, and textbook making.


The first meeting took place September 28, 2015 and the club plans to continue meeting on Mondays.