Ann Richards vs. Crockett Volleyball

On Friday September 13, Ann Richards played against the Crockett volleyball team.

Senior Varsity player, Simone Rath had a particular edge over all the girls, not only being the only senior on the volleyball team, but this was her last-first district game. She was ready to give the game her all and her teammates were not any different. When asked about the heated rivalry between Crockett and ARS, Rath said “Instead of us [the varsity team] getting worried or making us feel like there’s pressure I think a lot of us get excited.” Rath said that the rivalry “makes it more important to win, so we’re all pumped for this game.”

The team has been working a lot harder and preparing to play a lot stronger this season, “I’d say that we’re a lot more prepared. We are coming in more pumped and confident then we have before. Everyone was ready this season,” said Simone, “Ready to beat Crockett.”

The game had a strong beginning with the freshman team beating Crockett within two games with a final score of 25 to 11. Then the JV girls were on, and after a long battle, the ARS JV team exhausted Crockett, winning with a ¬†final score of 25-11. Lastly, the varsity teams’ ¬†nail-biting game left the ARS girls going home with a score of 24 to 26. Although Varsity suffered a loss, they still showed great attitudes and sportsmanship.

After all, teamwork makes the dream work.

Come and join the Freshman, JV and Varsity volleyball teams on Friday the 20th at Ann Richards vs McCallum.