Taming the Mustangs: Ann Richards middle school volleyball team beats O. Henry Middle School at O. Henry


Photo Credit: Sammie Seamon The Ann Richards volleyball team huddles for a group discussion before their game against Covington Middle School.

Myra Noralez, Staff Writer

The Ann Richards seventh grade volleyball team goes into a team huddle before their game against Covington Middle School. Photo by Sammie Seamon


The seventh grade Ann Richards volleyball team beat O.Henry Middle School on September 24th.

“I was actually very proud of our team, because they haven’t beaten O.Henry since my oldest sister [senior Karina Ruiz] was in seventh grade,” seventh grade volleyball player, Kaitlyn Ruiz said.

This is the first time that Ann Richards has beaten O. Henry at O. Henry and only the second time the school has ever won against O. Henry in the school’s history.

“This team is spectacular, for sure. This team has a lot of talent– has a couple players that have a lot of experience playing volleyball which is different from the past,” middle school and high school volleyball coach, Maura Cosgrove said.  “I actually think that this team is better as a seventh grade team than those girls [current varsity players] were in seventh grade.”

Cosgrove believes the team has been emulating several of the now varsity players skills from when they were in seventh grade.

“Miranda Banda made her first overhand serve over in that game,” Cosgrove said.  “Ruthie [McMillen] continues to play as an excellent libero. And KK [Kaitlyn] Ruiz is the best volleyball player at this school. She’s a special breed.”

The game took a total of three sets. The first set was a loss with a score of 24-21, but the team won the following two sets.

“We were thinking that we could bounce back from losing that and we could just win the next two sets in a row and still move on,” seventh grade volleyball player, Olivia Hruby said.

The team has an upcoming game this Thursday at Ann Richards against Small Middle School where – if the team wins – they will become the zone champions and begin the tournament for the city.