Meeting the New Sisters


Every year since 2009, the school has had a yearly event of having our incoming high schoolers pair up with one of our incoming middle schoolers so they can support each other until they graduate. We call it the Big Sister/Little Sister tradition. This mentor program was created to assist the 6th graders’ transition into middle school, by having the 9th graders give them tips about middle school. This has taken place for four years, and Chandler Linseisen, a ninth grader, wants to stay true to the original motive of the program. “I’m excited, because whenever I got my sister in 6th grade, she never really talked to me, she says hi occasionally, but I don’t want to do that to them, because I am their mentor,” said Linseisen about her two little sisters, Charlen Puon and Angelina Rivera, both sixth graders.

On Friday, September the 13th, all the 9th and 6th graders filed out to the front of the school where chalk and empty sidewalks awaited them. The activity that was planned for the sister event was exciting for everyone, including Linseisen. “Well, it’s fun, but I can’t draw,” said Linseisen, “Drew some good equations, Pythagorean Theorem.” The sidewalk chalk event was a new addition this year. Cypress Lefebre(9th) said, “Oooo I want to have that Hot Chocolate event again,” referring to the event in December when the “siblings” drink Hot Chocolate and other festive drinks and hang out before the winter break. The newbies had other ideas.

“A lemonade stand,” said Puon.