Tame Impala’s CURRENTS is straight out of the ‘6o’s

Tame Impalas CURRENTS is straight out of the 6os

The Australian psych-pop band’s seventh studio album, Currents, has erupted on the airwaves. Selling 66,880 copies since its release in July, Currents is possibly the most popular of their albums, and has appealed to both longtime fans and new converts. “Eventually”, one of the most popular songs off the album, and features synth and a consistent drum beat throughout the song, while “‘Cause I’m A Man” is a slower track. Tame Impala is a unique find among popular pop music – their use of guitar-heavy psychedelic musical lines is straight out of the ‘60’s.  Compared to past albums, Currents features more R&B influences and upbeat dance tracks, which has brought them new listeners and is sure to attract at the festival. You can catch Tame Impala on Friday from 6-7PM at the Samsung stage.