Sprinting for Survivors: ARS Cross Country team runs in the NOCC 5k


The team gathers together before the NOCC 5k race.

Sammie Seamon, Reporter

The ARS cross country team went to Camp Mabry to run in the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition 5k on September 27th to support ovarian cancer research and funds.

“I think it’s going to be a good race today,” senior runner Miranda Ward said. “I mean there’s lots of different people who are running at different paces and of course for various reasons like supporting a survivor or they are a survivor or they’re like us and they raise money.”

The team fundraised for the participation fees of the race by selling teal ribbons to ARS students. (see “Ovarian cancer fundraiser takes off” story for more details). They raised over $1,500 at ARS and another $1,000 was contributed by people in the community who wanted to support them in the race.

“I think it’s a great amount and hopefully it’ll impact the research,” freshman runner Khammila Shimray said.

The girls felt they had a positive influence on the race, and helped “break the silence” on ovarian cancer by helping increase awareness in the community.

“It shows that we recognize the importance even at a young age of the awareness that goes along with trying to prevent ovarian cancer and supporting those women who are having to go through treatment for it.” cross country coach Andy Langford said.

The girls enjoyed running in the race, and were excited to support and be involved in this cause.

“Ovarian cancer is super close to my heart because it affects women so much and my family is really oriented towards women and women empowerment,” freshman runner Catherine Gavin said. “My grandma is a breast cancer survivor as of two years ago and I’m really proud of her and I think a lot of people battle similar things like ovarian cancer and breast cancer,”

This was the first time ARS has supported the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, and the Cross Country team is excited to see the new tradition grow.

“I think it’s a great way to bring the cross country team together, not only that but it’s also supporting a great cause,” freshman runner Claudia Luong said. “I hope that we make a difference… individually by raising all this money but as a team going and supporting the run.”