Double Dose: Middle schoolers participate in both cross country and volleyball

Sophie Moore (8) and Ariel Wilson (8) participate in both volleyball and cross country.

Sophie Moore (8) and Ariel Wilson (8) participate in both volleyball and cross country.

Erin Lungwitz, Our Voices Editor

Five middle schoolers are participating in both volleyball and cross country this fall season. Each have a different motive for competing in two sports.

“I really like running, but I also really like being part of a team,” eighth grader Ariel Wilson said. “Cross country is more of like an individual sport so volleyball is really fun.”

Seventh grader Olivia Hruby decided to do both sports because of her family’s history.

“Since my sisters were in volleyball and cross country they both liked each of them so I decided I’d do both,” Hruby said.

Even though eighth grader Sophie Moore says that managing two different sports at the same time is tiring, she is competing in both to complete her goal of participating in every sport this year.

“I have to get up early, and I go to bed late, so I’m very tired,” Moore said. “But Netflix sometimes gets in there, and I still have good grades.”

The students doing both sports are at school for twelve hours a day.

“I usually get here at like 6:50 and then I go home at like 6:15,” eighth grader Jacy Lim said.

Wilson is a member of a third sports team outside of school.

“I also play soccer so I have cross country, then I go to volleyball and then I go to soccer, so I just stay up a little later… until twelve,” Wilson said.

In high school students can’t do both volleyball and cross country, so these students will have to decide between the court and the field.