Ovarian cancer fundraiser takes off


Sammie Seamon, Reporter

The ARS cross country team is hosting a fundraiser for National Ovarian Cancer Coalition 5k this Sunday, September 27th, to increase awareness in the community.

“I think it sends a really strong message that we support the other women in this community and the other women around this country who are struggling with ovarian cancer,” Head Coach Andy Langford said.

The ARS cross country athletes have been selling teal ribbons for $1 at first and second lunch, as well as individually, to help lower the $25 fee of participating in the race.

Olivia Rose Griesmer (9) and McClain D'Aoust (9) are excited about buying the teal ribbons to support ovarian cancer.
Olivia Rose Griesmer (9) and McClain D’Aoust (9) sport their teal ribbons in support of cross country’s ovarian cancer fundraiser.

“If we have all of the girls, as many of the girls as possible wearing these teal ribbons, it’s a really nice show of support for not only the girls from our school running in this race but our support for this cause,” Langford said.

Langford hopes to create a new tradition of fundraising every year for this cause, similar to Pennies for Patients.

“Absolutely. Assuming that we can fit it into our schedule every year we can certainly be better organized next year in terms of getting ready for it, I would love to see this relationship between our school and this race continue to grow each year,” Langford said.

The cross country runners are excited to participate in the race and support NOCC for the first time.

“I am actually very excited. I think it’s a great cause and will help a lot of women,” Khammila Shimray, ninth grade cross country runner said.

Khammila Shimray laughs in cross country tent during Cedar Park Invitational. The cross country team sold ribbons for a dollar at the race.

Ovarian cancer is a disease that affects women, so Langford believes that it is important that the students of ARS are aware of the risks. He plans to coordinate posters to communicate the symptoms and risk factors of ovarian cancer.

“You don’t hear as much about ovarian cancerthe symptoms are pretty common. I mean things like abdominal pain or bloating are symptoms that women or anybody experiences pretty often, so unfortunately ovarian cancer goes undiagnosed a lot of times,” Langford said.

Students can help support the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition by buying the teal ribbons and participating in the walk/run NOCC 5k at Camp Mabry this Sunday. The cross country team invites students who wish to race to sign up and to talk to Coach Langford about participation fees.