Pass the torch: Honor societies welcome new members


New officer recite oaths and accept leadership posts. Photo by Lupita Galvan

Gus Dexheimer, Editor-in-Chief

The Ann Richards Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society and the National Honor Society held its induction ceremony Monday evening, welcoming fifty-four new members to the two clubs.

The ceremony began with the traditional swearing-in of the new officers and was followed by the induction of the new members, each of whom received a candle to symbolize the Honor Society values.

“I think it went pretty well,” Miranda Ward, senior and newly sworn-in NHS Treasurer said. “I’ve only been to three [inductions], and I think this one was the second best. Last year’s was pretty good because we didn’t have technical difficulties with candles.”

The lighting of the ceremonial candles provided officers with some difficulty due to wick size, but most agreed that this did not ruin the ceremony.  

“Everything went perfectly,” Shireen Dadmehr, NHS sponsor and math and engineering teacher said. “Nishi [Patel, new NJHS president] did not burn her hair or the table. That was good.”

Sponsored by Christina Rutz, middle school counselor, and Shawn Mauser, librarian, the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) offers membership to grades seven through nine and has been represented at Ann Richards for the last eight years. National Honors Society, in its fifth year, is sponsored by Doy Roberts, STARS teacher, and Dadmehr. Despite this adult sponsorship, the societies are very much student-led.

“I like every year that Roberts and I are basically hands off and the officers are mostly in charge,” Dadmehr said. “I like to see where each group of officers takes it, and it just keeps raising the level.”

New inductees were accepted to the society after completing an application and meeting several academic and service-related standards. Inductees say they are excited to uphold the Honor Society principles of scholarship, service, character, and leadership.

“I like it [service] because you get to help people and you’re not expecting anything back,” Willow Dalehite, tenth grader and new inductee said. “You’re not disappointed and you’re enjoying it, because hopefully you’re doing service that you actually like doing.”

Like the new members, sponsors and officers of NHS and NJHS are apart of the society for its core values. Certain ideals speak and motivate different leaders of the groups.

“You can be a super smart person, you can give your time for service, but if you’re only doing it for certain reasons, that’s not good,” Dadmehr said. “If you have a nice character–a strong firm character–then you are contributing to the world in a good way.”

Guided by the core principles, NHS and NJHS holds meetings, conducts service projects, and hosts events throughout the year.

NJHS inductee and eighth grader Apollonia Ferrante said that she is excited for the coming year for both the service opportunities and the lock-in that the society provides. Holding true to scholarship, her first order of business as a member of NJHS will be to, “check my grades.”