A rivalry visualized: Ann Richards takes on McCallum


Ally Reznicek jumps to spike the ball to make a point. The ARS Varsity volleyball team has been district champs for the past two years, the Knights being one of three in the run for the title.

On Friday, September 4th, 2015, the Freshmen, Junior Varsity and Varsity volleyball teams of the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders played the McCallum Knights. The night was filled with seven sets, fans decked out in all-black, popcorn and pizza, and volleying.

The teams outcomes are as followed:

Freshmen | 2-0, with the Knights taking the win.

JV | 2-0, with the Knights taking the win.

Varsity | 3-0, with the Stars taking the win.

The next game against the Knights is Tuesday, October 6th at McCallum.