Class of 2020 explores feminism in english class


The class of 2020 have just finished working on a “feminist criticism” unit. As a project, the students decorated the lockers that line the hallway near Ms. Langley’s room.

Feminist Criticism Lockers

During this unit, the 7th graders read and wrote various pieces that touched the topic of feminism in different ways. Each group had a inquiry question to answer using their locker, topics including gender stereotypes, beauty standards, and feminism in general.


“My favorite part was answering my questions that I had, and kind of seeing other peoples views on my same questions,” says Lucy Stagg, a student in Ms. Langley’s 2nd period class.

Pink Locker/EXPLORE

“At the end [of the unit], you got to do this locker, and you realized how much potential you have, and how much creativity [you have],” says Fatima Rosales, from 8th period.

Magazine Beauty Standards

“My favorite part of this project was expressing the way we feel about it [feminism] and being able to branch out, because it’s a very broad topic, and you can go in different ways to display it,” says Lorenya Munoz.