A Day of Ghosts and Love


Rewon Shimray, Staff Writer

How10471556_834646929909421_8520119999764533586_o 2 ironic is it that this year around the day following Friday the 13th is Valentine’s Day? Call me an over-thinker, but I think there’s a meaningful irony to it.

With love, there are inevitably ghosts. The ghosts of those who will always be in your past, the ghosts of those you fear will never be in your future. The supernatural has its way of descending onto the mundane world. Black cats come in the form of certain songs or associated scents or interpreted shapes of the clouds.

The pink and red can be overwhelming, the flora aroma suffocating. There is a strangeness of feeling loved, awkwardness in the absence of that affection. There are things below the surface that creep under the covers, get passed beneath the school tables.

Friday the 13th precedes Valentine’s Day this year. And call me superstitious, but I don’t think this is an accident.

I want to challenge you to rethink the things you associate with Friday the 13th and the things you associate with Valentine’s Day. I have ghosts yes, but I embrace them with open arms. In standing face-to-face with my ghosts, I am able to evaluate them. In their eyes shine the reflection of someone resembling who I once was. Facing them, I radiate the light of someone sparkling new.

Their song does not strum the chords of my heartstrings; they have been tuned to a contemporary chord. Their scent doesn’t intoxicate me; I have become immune. The formations of the clouds have shifted with the new season, and the sun is shining through.

Don’t let a day of love be brought down by the looming 13th. That was yesterday. This is today.