More than a principal

Turner leaves Austin ISD and a legacy behind


Ms. Goka and Ms. Turner cheer on band members at the Band Jamboree at Burger Center.

Trinh Ha and Lucy Saucedo

“I’m going to miss her so much,” said Desiree Robinson, a current senior at the Ann Richards School.

Texanna Turner retired at the end of the 2014 fall semester of this year, after serving 5 years at Ann Richards and over 30 years with the AISD district. Turner has worked with Mrs. Goka, Ann Richards School principal, through many years.

Goka describes her as “honest, compassionate, and fair-minded.” After working at ARS for several years, Turner has made an impression on students and staff alike.

“Every day she is determined to bring life and love into the world,” said Goka. “She always sees the goodness in others. She has become my friend, mentor, and sister, because she challenges me to be a better person.”

Not only has Turner helped Robinson and staff members, but she also has helped students such as Selena Hernandez.

“Mrs. Turner was always there for me especially in the hard times that I was going through,” said Hernandez. “She actually helped me a lot in these past few years and I am not going to forget any of which she helped me.”

Robinson and Hernandeztwo very attached students, debated what to get  Turner for her speech of retirement towards the student body. Robinson and Hernandez ultimately decided to give her flowers after she made her retirement speech to the school.

“Not only have I served many years with Mrs.Goka but I have been with you girls since you were 12 years old, and now to know that those 12 year old girls are graduating is an amazing feeling,” said Turner in her retirement speech. “I will be here for your Cotillion, and for Prom and for Graduation.”

“Knowing that Mrs. Turner will be leaving us this year has left me shocked,” said Robinson. “She said she was going to be here for our graduation even if she leaves.”

Robinson has attended the Ann Richards school for more than 5 years. She has always had a close connection to Turner. Robinson used Turner to introduce her in her senior speech.

“She is a wonderful young lady that will help shape our future,” said Turner in response to Robinson’s senior speech.

Hernandez has attended the Ann Richards School since she was in 6th grade and now is a tenth grader. Over the years she started getting closer to the administration, especially Turner.

“She was an awesome faculty employee, she really helped Mrs. Goka,” said Hernandez. “She has helped me grow as a leader and is always there for me. I, out of most people, am going to miss her very much.”

Students and staff said that they will surely miss her sense of leadership and guidance.

“​She is a superb leader with a vision.” Goka said. “She is known to take low-performing schools to success.  And all of us here know that she will take care of us in every situation.”

Turner’s retirement doesn’t mean the end of her role at the Ann Richards School.

“I will always be a part of the Ann Richards community so don’t think y’all can get rid of me that fast,” said Turner.