The 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Fa la la la la!


Georgia Oldham

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be hard. You never know what on earth to get your Aunt Tilda or your little cousin who eats a lot of dirt and doesn’t do much else. Your Grandpa Joe is a whole other story; who knows what to get him with his checkered past and love of rare hippo plates circa 1938? And let’s not even mention your picky ferret Charlie… so really, who can blame you for feeling a little worried about your sanity and your wallet?

This year though, things are going to be different. Take a chill pill and enjoy the Holidays without GGSD (gift giving stress disorder) with our 2014 Gift Guide. Grab your hot cocoa and enjoy!

Gifts For Kids

Super Hero Mask $4.50- “Saving one backyard at a time” or so this etsy’s tagline reads. Seriously though, what kid doesn’t want a shiny, soft satin super hero mask that comes in just the right color? This gift is a perfect one for any creative little super girl or boy!

Crazy Card Sets $13 (or less)- For hundreds of thousands of years (don’t fact check us on that) kids and adults alike have loved card games, so we always say opting for a proven favorite like cards is a great gift idea. Our linked set from Land of Nod is a particularly good deal, but today you can find a lot of super adorable sets on line for a variety of prices. Go Fish!

Epic Feet $7 to $9- Make old shoes new with these attachable flames, lightening bolts, and wings that lace right into any sneaker out there. These super ‘fly’ gifts are sure to make any kid (2 to 22) feel like the stuff of legend.


The Fairest Puzzle in the Land $9- Puzzles (like cards) are an old standby that never fail to provide hours of puzzling fun. These new fairytale/adventure puzzles are enchanting, fresh, and functional gifts for any clever kid. Also look into these $5 travel sized puzzles for on the go fantasy fun.

from Land of Nod
from Land of Nod

Woodland Nightlight $11– As Land of Nod says, you don’t have to sleep in a porcelain forest to be surrounded by porcelain woodland creatures. Right you are Land of Nod! These adorable night lights come in 4 different woodland animal varieties and are perfect for any little dreamer.

Gifts for Tweens (10-14 roughly)

 Funny Chargers $13- This phone charger sticker set is quirky without being childish, functional but still unique, and cool without being pretentious. It’s perfect for any tech savvy tween (or fun loving teen/adult). Also take a look at this bunny charger.

LOL Books $5 to $15- Tweens have quite the sense of humor. What’s rolling on the floor funny to them might just barely be worth a snicker to us, but its certainly worth indulging their silly young minds with joke books, and who knows, you might end up laughing more than you thought you would.

Magic Emotiball $16- Fortunes include: “Bleh, probs not,” “Xoxo it’s decidedly so,” and “Totes.” Perfect for any tween with a brilliant new passion for today’s American’slang’.

Cool Tattoos $15 or less- Tattly offers the coolest temporary tattoos around. They’re perfect for just about any age, but as tweens assert there new found senses of ‘style’, they provide an edgy outlet for all of their new phases.

Gifts for Teens (15-19) 

CutomIze $12.99- Teens love to be unique and they love their technology, so what better way to combine the two than these super cool, geometric customizable iphone cases at a super discounted prize? We say, go for it!


Frozen’s Art $25.30- This gift is a little more expensive, but for teenagers who are ‘Frozen’ in a Disney spell (that’s a lot of ARS girls) this could be the perfect nice gift! There are lots of other nice books out there for interested teens as well.


Graphically Awesome – Teens are into a lot of different things, and luckily, there are graphic items for just about every interest around!

Not So Old School Camera– This classic, disposable camera is not quite old enough that teen’s won’t remember it, but its just old enough to be super cool. A wonderful gift for any teen who loves to point and shoot.

Trinket Treys $12- This trendy gift will help even the most absent minded of teenagers keep track of all their ‘trinkets’ and in the most adorable way!

Gifts for College Students/Young Adults 

Writing Therapy $5 to $15- Your twenties can be a difficult, trying time. Seriously, we would know (just kidding). Honestly though, every young adult could benefit from a super trendy journal to pour out their troubled hearts, write their amateur shopping lists, or doodle while on hold with the auto insurance people for the first time.

Bon Voyage $$$- Agree to pay for a twenty something’s train ticket to visit a friend or help them rent a car to go on a cross country summer adventure. This gift can be quite a bit more expensive than others, but we still think its one of the most appreciated and truly valuable gifts out there.

Hamburger Helper $16- College students and young adults often have some trouble with their laundry- help them get excited about their hopefully-not-so-new weekly task with this super cool ‘Hamburger Hamper’. Here is a slightly more expensive and girly option as well.

 Gifts for The Adults in Your Life


In The Bag $9- It can generally be assumed that nice looking and functional bags will be expensive, but Baggu’s ultra-light, durable nylon bags, which come in a multitude of cute prints, are a shockingly wonderful counter example. The mini ones are even more cost effective at just $7.

Calendar Love $16- Desk calendars are perfect for the working people you know- they look great on a desk, and they are a great way to keep of busy schedules. The day will definitely feel a little shorter with one of these babies to keep a workin’ human company.

Whimsical Wine Opener $35- Yes, these are a little more pricey than we would usually choose, but we couldn’t resist including them in our gift guide. They are so cute, so functional, and yet, so adorable-y over 21.

Modern (Soon To Be) Classics $17.33- This book, ‘Texts from Jane Eyre’, is a funky and fresh take on a modern classic that a huge range of ages could love. There’s more cool books for adults (and others) out there too… ‘Its a Punderful Life’,Miss Jane Austen’s Guide to Modern Life’s Dilemmas‘,  Colour Me Good Benedict Cumberbatch.

Well folks, that’s about it for our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide! So get given’ and officially be done with that budget busting stress from years past once and for all.