Congressman awards Naval Academy nomination to ARS senior

Published on: November 21, 2014

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Congressman Roger Williams visited Ann Richards this morning to award senior Sofia Hruby a Naval Academy nomination. This letter of nomination is the final step in Hruby’s acceptance process, and she will attend the academy in the fall, playing volleyball at the collegiate level. Hruby’s parents and both sets of grandparents attended the nomination.

“One of the neat parts of being a Congressman is you get to nominate the best and the brightest to go to service academy. She applied, she went through the process, last Saturday she went through the interview process which is pretty intense,” said Congressman Williams. “And it sometimes can be overwhelming for some young people, speaking to the admirals and generals – that sort of thing – but she did a great job. The rest is history – today she got her nomination.”

Having served Texas for twenty years in various positions, Congressman Williams believes deeply in the importance of public service.

“President Bush (41) always said public service is the most noble calling of all. I think that everyone should be able to give back to your country. It’s faith, family, country, and friends, and I think everyone should want to give back in some form or fashion, whether it be in the service, whether its in running for political office, or sponsoring a young person who does great things – giving back to this country is what makes it great.”

Congressman Williams meets with the Polaris Press after the awards assembly.

Congressman Williams meets with the Polaris Press after the awards assembly.

Congressman Williams has a unique outlook on education, believing in accessible opportunity for all students.

” I think everyone should get an education, and everyone should go to Ann Richards High School,” said Congressman Williams. “One of the things I’m focused on is the 100,000 kids who are dropping out of school every year in Texas out of the ninth grade. If you can imagine that – they’re losing hope. Can you imagine losing hope in the ninth grade? Losing hope in this country? In Texas? It shouldn’t happen. One of the things I think we’re doing really well is creating lawyers and business people, but we’re losing a lot of people who could be carpenters, plumbers, tradesman, that sort of thing. I’m focused on community college and making sure these people in ninth grade don’t lose hope.”

In light of President Obama’s announcement to take executive action to prevent the deportation of nearly 5 million illegal immigrants last night, the Polaris Press asked Williams his opinion on the president’s decision.

“I think what President Obama did was wrong, I think he broke the law…We have a body of Senators, we have like myself who are elected to be your representatives, and I believe  – and I think we’ll show – that what he did was illegal. What he needs to do is let Congress act, and let Congress bring him legislation and then he can sign or veto,” said Williams. “That’s the way it’s always worked. I think too that we are a land of laws and we just need to legislate the land by the laws we have in place right now. We don’t need more laws. The laws say that if you come to America illegally, you’re illegal, and how to become legal and so forth. But not to acknowledge the illegal behaviors being the right behaviors.”

Sofia Hruby’s nomination to the Naval Academy was also covered on USA Today. Check it out!

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