Cheerleading squad learns new stunts for 2015 competition


Rewon Shimray, Staff Writer

The school saw the cheerleading squad’s new stunts for the year in October during the homecoming pep rally.

“Well, we did have a little bit of a malfunction, but we felt proud of what we did,” said senior Claudia Vargas.

In a flying stunt, Lorena Banda (a flyer*) fell during the pep rally. The team learned from the “malfunction,” and Vargas says they plan to master the stunt by the cheer competition to come. This will be in January or March, depending on which they qualify for.

“We’re ready to be practicing more, because we did have a little malfunction, but we’re going to kill it [the competition],” said Vargas.

The team prepared for the pep rally for a month and a half. As fall comes to a close and winter begins, routines* intensify.

“The performance [at the pep rally] is actually the performance we’re going to be doing at our first competition. So, we’re doing a lot more advanced stunts and a lot more sequences in the dances,” said cheerleading mentor Ashley Robinson.

Sophomore Amber Mannie describes the challenges of learning new tricks.

“We have a whole bunch of new stunts, and our dance is a lot more intricate than it was,” said Mannie. “We moved up a lot of notches since last year.”

Cheerleading mentor Ashley Robinson calls this part of the season “grind time.”

“I think once the girls have realized they can do the things I’m asking them to do, it’s become easier. They’re actually excited to maybe bring a trophy home,” said Robinson.

It will not be determined whether the Ann Richards cheerleading squad qualifies for higher competition until January 2015.

“Y’all should be really excited,” said Mannie.


* To learn new cheerleading terminology, click here.