Love some things, hate others

Emily Weaver, Staff Writer

My friends say I’m “addicted” to coffee, and they’re probably right.

I love coffee day and night, at home or on the go, chain-bought or local. I love black coffee just as much as those fancy, whipped cream-and-chocolate syrup blended, milkshake-like drinks. I love the way coffee smells, the way it looks like tinted, dark glass, the way coffee beans feel between your fingers. If I could have a life-supply of one thing, coffee would be at the top of my list. I could have coffee any day, any time, any place. There’s something abstract and poetic about coffee – the way it crashes like tides when it’s poured, the way it becomes cloudy when you add cream, like a renaissance painting of the heavens. As you can tell, I could talk about coffee forever.

I’m sure some people read that paragraph and thought it described them perfectly. Maybe some people read it and nearly gagged, thinking of their hatred of all things coffee-related. Whichever mindset you fall in is fine – it’s great, actually. Disliking things doesn’t make you a bad person by any means.

Hating some things is how we love others, and our likes and dislikes are what make us unique. We can be cool and bitter to some concepts, warm and sweet to others. There’s no problem with either one, as long as we keep our minds open to options–sometimes, our opinions can change like tides, and that’s okay.

I think the problem some people run into is when others don’t share our interests. The message to “be yourself” has been stirred into our heads so many times, yet sometimes we forget it. At the end of the day, It’s important to stay true to yourself, no matter what other people say.