Volleyball players dress as football players to show school spirit


Alexis Taylor, Jada Washington and Eliza Martin dress up as football players to get pumped for the game. This is the 3rd year the team undertook the idea of team costumes.

Lucy Saucedo, Staff Writer

On the evening of October 16th, The Ann Richards Varsity Volleyball team dressed up as male football players for opposite day.The whole team decided on this idea and made it happen to get pumped for the game against Bastrop on the evening of October 17th.

“This is one of the most special homecoming weeks,” said Gaby Dominguez, a  junior and varsity team member. “This homecoming is going to be one of the best because we have 8 seniors in the varsity team that are leaving, I don’t want the seniors to leave because I have a special bond with many of them.

Dominguez mentioned the leaving of seniors this year will cause the game to be filled with energy. She said that they will work very hard on the court.

“I believe the that all the teams will do great it is after all a home game and there will be a lot of energy on the court,” said Alex Triampol, manager of the Varsity volleyball team.“The leaving of the seniors is kinda sad because I actually got close with some of them, but this is their last game and I know they will bring all they got and especially by showing their school spirit by dressing up as football players.”

Triampol said that the way to show school spirit is by dressing up and showing your school pride.

“I dressed up as Coach Ruiz, well tried,” said Triampol. “The day is opposite day after all, and what a better way to do it when to switch to a Volleyball coach Mr. Ruiz.”

“We love competition,” said Maura Cosgrove, coach of the varsity team. “Varsity will leave everything on the court for sure. School spirit is one of the factors that get the players pumped up for the game.”

So far the varsity team is undefeated, having defeated many of their rivals. After the seniors leave,  many JV team members will move up to Varsity. Many team members say that Varsity will stay strong and undefeated.

“I am so Pumped!” said Alexis Taylor, senior and varsity team member. “The adrenaline is pumping through me, I guess being dressed up like a football player is getting me pumped for the game. I think that the varsity team will do great, most of us are seniors which is our last homecoming game and we will give it all we have.”

The Varsity team as well as the JV and Freshman team have a tradition of dressing up with their team. This shows their school pride with the ARS colors of blue, black, and white.

“Being a senior, this is my last game and it’s pretty sad I have to admit, but so exciting,” said Taylor. “I am definetly going to miss this season which has being the best in my opinion very exciting. I want to make every moment count during Senior year.”