Sixth graders experience their first homecoming

Emma Foster, Co-Editor In-Chief

Sixth graders reach for a balloon during Friday's homecoming pep rally. This was the last day of homecoming festivities .
Sarah Bustos Lopez
Sixth graders reach for a balloon during Friday’s homecoming pep rally. This was the last day of homecoming festivities .

After a week of homecoming festivities, Ann Richards sixth graders said they felt like their school spirit increased a lot.

“Especially with the dress out days,” said Camille Pfister, a sixth grader, in regard to how homecoming helped her feel more connected to the school. “You’re showing school spirit because they’re like ‘okay you get to dress out, have fun with it’ and you get to dress out and stuff. It’s really cool.”

Like Pfister, many of the sixth graders said that the dress out days were their favorite part of homecoming.

“My favorite thing is getting  to dress up as anything you want to,” said Elizabeth Campos, a sixth grader.  “You feel more connected to ARS sisters because you get to see what their idea of craziness is like.”

This feeling of connection, Campos said, ties into what she thinks homecoming is all about.

“It’s just like celebrating all together and having fun together,” said Campos. “I can just feel [the school spirit]!”

Not many of the sixth graders said they were able to meet ARS alumni who came back to visit, but when they saw their older sisters participate in homecoming festivities they said they got a glimpse into their future.

“To a sixth grader it’s more like having fun and dressing out,” said Pfister. “When you’re a high schooler it will change especially because you’ll be able to go to the homecoming dance.”

When Jacqlyn Wood saw high schoolers celebrating their last home coming, she said “It reminds me that I’m going to graduate some day.”

The school spirit displayed at homecoming made first-year Ann Richards students have better feelings about the school as a whole.

“People might say that it’s kind of like too strict,” said Campos. “But if you get deeper into it it’s really fun and you get to do other things that other schools don’t do. I love having fun and being creative for homecoming!”