Juniors order letterman jackets and reflect on the opportunity

Kelly Friedman, Staff Writer

Juniors felt accomplished as Herff Jones visited the Ann Richards school to sell Letterman Jackets.

“I chose to get a letterman because I worked really hard on my cornerstone project and I feel I deserved the jacket,” said Miranda Ward, junior.

Less than a year ago, juniors at the Ann Richards School worked on a project in their pathways; their grade determined if they could letter in their pathway upon getting their letterman jackets.

“I worked hard to get my BioMed patch,” said Melissa Maldonado.

Each junior received a complimentary patch for their pathway, paid for by the school. Students also brought patches of their own.

“NHS official, art palette, and a volleyball [patch] with manager under it,” said Alex Triampol. “Plus the given star and the engineering gear they [the school] paid for.”

The students bought patches that represented the clubs they were involved in and activities they did.

“I am planning on getting the HOSA patch and possibly the dance patch,” said Maldonado.

The juniors that bought a letterman jacket believed they were more equivalent to being an upperclassmen and felt they were one step closer to graduation.

“I feel relieved to be honest,“ said Maldonado. “ I’m almost done, [but] at the same time I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that I’m graduating soon.”

Overall, the juniors were excited about the jackets and the reasoning for getting them.

“I think it’s really cool that we get to have letterman jackets because it kind of tells other people you have done this really hard project and not only done it, but gotten a good grade on it,” said Ward.