ARS athletics programs prepare for Homecoming festivities


The cross country team is dressed as Greek Goddesses from last year’s twin day. This is their second year to partake in team costumes.

Erin Lungwitz, Staff Writer

Many of the ARS fall sports teams such as the ARS JV and varsity cross country teams as well as the freshman, JV, and varsity volleyball teams plan to partake in Homecoming festivities as a team throughout the week.

“In honor of us running, and because of our success with our olympic goddesses of sorts [last year’s Homecoming costume], we’ve decided that in order to continue this tradition, we had to incorporate the fact that we are running for treasure, or the gold at district, so we’ll become pirates in honor of running for the booty,” said Alexis Segura, an 11th grade varsity cross country runner.

Maggie Saucedo, a freshman cross country runner, spoke of what she’s excited for in the upcoming week.

“I know there’s a lot of people on the cross country team so I’m excited to see everyone dressed up the same, and you can tell who’s on cross country,” Saucedo said, as well as, “Dressing up with my friends and looking totally awesome together.”

Alexys Garza, a senior varsity volleyball player reflected on Homecoming Week traditions.

“My favorite part is probably the Friday, the actual Homecoming day, because we have the tailgate, and we have the pep rally, and it’s a fun volleyball game…. because everyone wants to go to that game, and everyone’s dressed up and in blue.”

Garza also mentioned how being a senior will affect this upcoming week.

“It’s definitely different because it’s my last time, and I really want to make it memorable, and make sure that we have the best costumes, and we know what we’re doing,” Garza said. “I think I haven’t really felt it yet–being a senior, but I feel like Friday especially, because of Homecoming and senior night that I might cry a little bit.”

Dimanique Henderson, a freshman volleyball player, expressed about how being on the freshman volleyball team will make her Homecoming experience different than in previous years.

“I guess, being a part of something. The fact that we’re [the freshman team] going to all have to come together and spend time together to make it work,” she said. “Just the fact that I’m with a team and we’re bonding.”

After speaking about the cross country team’s plans to dress as pirates during twin day, Alexis Segura, spoke about what she is most excited for during Homecoming Week.

“Homecoming day we have our district meet, and every time we have a meet, especially district, we always celebrate by going out to P. Terry’s and getting a whole bunch of food and coming back to the school and having big ole’ celebrations with everyone for our success at district,” Segura said. “Because, let’s face it we’re going to win it again this year,” she continued, “hopefully, crossing my fingers.”