ACL Festival Kicks Off Its 2nd Weekend

Rebecca Alonso, Staff writer

Zilker Park is crowded for the annual festival ACL, or Austin City Music Festival, a world famous festival that people come from all over the world come to see.

The festival pools in 75,000 people each day, and is always located in Zilker Park. The genres of music vary from rock, hip-hop, to electronic. The festival was founded in 2002, and has brought musicians such as Coldplay, the Black Keys, Gotye, Muse, Vampire Weekend and thousands more. This year, artists like Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Iggy Azalea, Sam Smith and Eminem are playing. 

“I think [the lineup] is very good, it has a lot of great artists, and it’s very well-rounded with everybody’s interests.” said Dana Nichols, a freshman who is attending the music festival for the 6th time.

ACL day one, weekend two. The festival starts at around 11:30 in the mornings.
Rebecca Alonso
ACL day one, weekend two. The festival starts at around 11:30 in the mornings.


The ticket price for one day is $90, and the price for a 3 day pass ticket is $225. The city of Austin just recently approved (2013) for a second weekend to keep from crowding.  

“It can be safe, but if you’re like, 8 and you’re with your friend, I don’t think it’s safe.” said Giani Bright, a 9th grader said, who has never attended to festival.

The festival is Austin-based, so it also promotes the city in every way possible. Handouts include some tourist spots and the website itself has some tourist suggestions.

“I like how the Austin community really connects with the atmosphere.” said Nichols.

Austin City Limits
ACL weekend two, day one. This picture was taken when The Bleachers were playing their hit song, “I Wanna Get Better”. They and many more bands played throughout the day.

It’s been a tradition for people to attend every year, no matter what the lineup is.

“My family have always gone, so that’s why I like it.” Sierra Walton, a 9th grader, who has been attending the festival for 3 years said.

The website suggests that ACL attendees bring your water bottles to fill up at the filling station, and to take a backpack. If you have kids with you during the festival, the site also recommends  using their “Tag-A-Kid” station to help find your kid if he/she gets lost.