Breaking Bad star visits ARS

Maya Nunez , Staff Writer

RJ Mitte and other board  members of theMitte Foundation take a tour of the Ann Richards School.
RJ Mitte and other board members of the Mitte Foundation take a tour of the Ann Richards School led by seniors Josie Mclean and Libertad Escobar.

The Ann Richards School had many guests on campus this past week, including Breaking Bad actor RJ Mitte who was touring the school as a Trustee Board Member of the Mitte Foundation.

 “I was really excited. It’s always cool when celebrities visit the school,” said senior Sofia Hruby. “When we realized he was here we ran out after Stats [statistics] trying find him– we were looking all over the school.”

Many students were also eager to take pictures and talk to Mitte.  “He seemed really cool. Some girls asked to take pictures with him and he was fine with it,” said Hruby.

The Mitte Foundation is an organization that helps community programs reach their maximum potential, and has made donations to The Ann Richards School in the past. Mitte has been working with the Mitte Foundation for the past few years and is now a trustee board member and travels to campuses and events speaking for organizations such I AM PWD, the triunion campaign, National Disability Institute , and PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. Additionally, Mitte was born with cerebral palsy and suffered from bullying as a child, which has led him to aid campaigns against bullying in addition to working with the Mitte Foundation.

RJ Mitte and other Board Members of the Mitte Foundation were given tours led by seniors Josie Mclean and Libertad Escobar. As a part of the tour, they visited Mr. Langford’s classroom, the Maker Space, and the college center. The group also stopped by the 11th grade Media Tech class, where he discussed the documentary he is currently working on with Mr. Soden and his class.

“It was an unexpected surprise for the students,” said Ms. Rutz, the middle school counselor who helped with the tour that Mitte was on.

Despite some students’ disappointment at not getting to see more of the actor, RJ Mitte’s work with the Mitte Foundation and visit to our very own Ann Richards School has caused reactions from students and staff alike.

“It was just amazing,” said Katya Wittliff (11). “It made my day.”