Students plan for trip to Canada

Myra Noralez, Staff Writer

Montreal Clement  Belleudy
Photo of Montreal’s downtown. (photo by Clément Belleudy)

This year Ann Richards high school students are going to take a 6 day summer trip to Montreal, Quebec Canada. The six trip will include many fun yet educational activities for the students to help them experience the French life.

“Oh my gosh. We are going to visit a bunch of historical places,” said the new French teacher Natalie Poirier.  “We’re going to eat local cultural food. Even if they don’t speak French they are probably going to learn some French. We are going to be going to a Six Flags called La Ronde. We are going to go to the bio dome. We are going to o check out a bunch of really cool landmarks, and yeah take in the whole culture. ”

Last year the students had the opportunity to go to France, but the trip was eventually canceled.

“It was organized last year, but then it fell through. But a few people had already signed up, and the organization had asked me, and the previous teacher contacted me asking me if I would be interested in taking over. And once I found out it was going to my home town, I was so excited so I was all over it absolutely. I found out the information that I needed, and I’ve been planning it ever since,” said Natalie.

Students expressed interest in the trip for different reasons.

“I took French for the four years that we had to take it. It was super fun, and I loved it,” said senior Georgia Hernandez.  “I signed up to go on the French trip and it was like $5,000 for a shorter amount of time period, so I was like this is really expensive for my family to pay, and then it’s such a short period. So then hearing that this trip takes us to experience the French life, and then have to go for a lower price and more days, it just caught my attention and my parents said yes.”

Students are also going to be receiving a college credit for going on the trip.

“I think getting college credit for the trip is a great benefit especially because not only is it a ‘vacation’ but we will be learning things as well,” said junior Diana Zelaya.