ARS sophomores scheduled to visit Oklahoma this fall

Erin Lungwitz, Staff Writer

The Class of 2016 toured the Tulane and Loyola campuses last fall.

This fall ARS sophomores will visit colleges in Oklahoma, rather than Louisiana, as sophomores have in the past. Colleges in Oklahoma offer better financial aid to Texas residents than the colleges in Louisiana, which is why the change to the sophomore trip has been made.

“Most of the Louisiana schools are great, but they are schools that we [ARS students] either have trouble getting into, or if we can get in, they are so expensive that we can’t afford them, ” said STARS teacher, Jill DiCuffa, “Louisiana doesn’t offer in-state tuition to Texas residents, which most states don’t, but Oklahoma does, so we [faculty] decided to rethink the sophomore trip.”

ARS sophomores will tour Stephen F. Austin State University and Austin College on their way to Oklahoma, and The University of Tulsa, and Oklahoma State in Oklahoma. DiCuffa wanted to make sure sophomores visited Austin College.

“Austin College has a really special relationship with the Foundation for the Education of Young Women, and they are willing to offer full ride scholarships to some of our students, ” said DiCuffa. “And it’s a really neat liberal arts college that is overlooked sometimes, and it is amazing, so if they’re willing to really support our students, than we want to get them there so they can check it out.”

When sophomores aren’t touring colleges, they will probably get a hands-on learning experience about fracking.

“The tenth graders are doing a big project this semester on fracking, and we’re headed to Oklahoma which is a very, very big state for oil, so we’re going to try and somehow maybe even visit an oil rig, so that they can have some pictures, and actual images of what they’ve been learning about,” said DiCuffa.

Sophomores will have the opportunity to visit museums, as well as the power to organize their trip.

“There are a couple of museums we’re thinking about going to, and then we’re actually going to put it in the hands of some of the tenth graders to do some research on Tulsa and other places to see, ” said DiCuffa.