Student Council Prepares for Homecoming Week

Rebecca Alonso

On Tuesday, September 23, the student council gathered in English teacher Ms. Rice’s classroom to discuss how they should plan out spirit week.

As homecoming week approaches, the talk of spirit week is increasing, especially for student council, the people who plan it. In the meeting, they thought of theme ideas, and how they should schedule them, since homecoming week is a four day week.

“We’re losing one day, that’s kind of sad. I think a couple of years ago it was like that too, we had a four day week,” Georgia Moore, the 9th grade vice president said. “And it’s kind of a bummer, because it’s the only time we can dress up all crazy.”

gerogia and lupita
Lupita Galvan, 11th vice president, and Gerogia Moore, 9th grade vice president sit and discuss homecoming week, which is the 13-17 of October.

Since Homecoming Week is a short week, the students struggled trying to fit all of the themes into the four days, so they created a day called opposite day, which incorporated several themes into one.

“Opposite day is a mix of everything we really wanted,” Lupita Galvan, the 11th grade vice president said. “A lot of us really liked the classic crazy day, and that’s underneath opposite, and a lot of us really wanted gender-bender day, but we didn’t want it to be too conformed.”

Student representatives say class day was a difficulty as well, since most of the classes wanted pajama day. So the student body president Toni Akunebu proposed the idea of replacing opposite day with pajama day.

“I think opposite day is probably our most creative one, and one that has gotten a lot of good feedback, and class day is the one that is a bit harder to organize and plan, because not everyone comes out happy in the end, after the voting goes down,” Galvan said.

Another idea was to replace class day with opposite day instead of everyone having pajama day as a class day, which the 6th graders did not agree with.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea because class day is every year,” Emma Tatum, sixth grade vice president said. “I think it’ll be alright if more than one grade would dress with pajamas, but [replacing class day] is breaking a tradition the school’s had for such a long time.”

In the end of the meeting, it was confirmed that the seniors’ class day will be senior citizens day, and the juniors claimed pajama day. The rest of the grades rely on their classmates to pick out of several options. The graph below shows which class is which (though some grades still don’t have an answer).

“As long as [nothing] replaces opposite day, I don’t really care what happens.” Moore said.


Schedule for October 13-17


Monday – No School!
Tuesday – Twin Day
Wednesday – Class Day
Thursday – Opposite Day
Friday – Spirit Day


Class Day for each class

Seniors – Senior Citizen Day
Juniors – Pajama Day
Sophmores – TBD
Freshman – Patriotic Day
8th Graders – TBD
7th Graders – Toddler Day
6th Graders – Disney Day OR Pattern Day