Ann Richards Girls bus tables in the Applebees band fundraiser


Lucy Saucedo

Band Booster President, Lupe Pena, and Rosa Gonzales, Treasurer, tally up the amount of people that arrive at the Applebees Fundraiser. Pena began her presidency last summer.

Lucy Saucedo, Staff Writer

On the early Saturday morning of September 20th, the Ann Richards Band put on a band fundraiser to raise money for the band. This money will go to the boosters that support the band and help out the students gaining money. From bussing tables to holding signs, many girls worked since 8am.

“At first I was really nervous,”  said Brittney Mcdonald, Junior in the band while cleaning up plates.  “To be asking people if I could take their plates but after a while it got easier”, Mcdonald said “The families are very nice and cool,”  is a fun experience.”

McDonald mentioned that fundraising this will help the band in many ways. She was grateful of other students who came to volunteer to gain service hours.

“I came volunteering for service hours,” said Myra Noralez one of the volunteers that helped out. “ I found out about being able to volunteer here by Reyna asking us to come so I decided to come and volunteer and help out the band.” Noralez said “After all it is something fun to do.”

Noralez said that this will help support the band because their was a great benefit. She did something simalar to this when going to the DC trip.

“This is something traditional that has being going on for many years but I feel that this year their was a better turnout.” said Lupe Pena, president of the band boosters. “Mrs. Goka’s support helped us very much.”

Lupe Pena, mother of  co-drum major Savannah Pena, said that she hopes their will be more money towards helping support the band.

“Getting up early in the morning was worth it knowing that I will help support my daughters band,” said Pena. “Advertising is something that helped get people to come and support the band.The signs outside brought in a few more people than we expected but it’s turning out to be one of the best year yet.”

Lupe being the president of the Band boosters was very pleased with the amount of people they were serving. Band director Steven Howard said he was also very happy with the turn out.

Steven Howard the Band Director said“The Bowie band put a formal announcement on Facebook telling people to come and help out the Marching band that is something very cool of them to do.”

Howard, said that he was very happy with the outcome that this fundraiser will bring to the band. He is very grateful that Applebee’s helped with the fundraiser since it will help pay the band’s debt with the band boosters and it will help the girls pay their band fees.

“Band boosters are what this fundraiser is for really, helping out the band in many ways and this is a way we can show our gratitude,” said Howard. “They’re a big turnout, a constant revolving door,” said Howard.