Class of 2018 Participates in Great Day of Service


Class of 2018’s Georgia Moore, Dana Nichols, Amy Otnes, Ruby Suarez work on bookmarks. This is their first project for the great day of service.

Emily Weaver

On Friday, September 19th, the class of 2018 participated in the great day of service. Their day consisted of a morning of team building, lunch at United Way for Greater Austin with their older sisters, and an afternoon of service at the school.

The team building activities were put on by Adventure Alliance. The 9th graders were split into teams, and everyone worked together to solve challenges and puzzles.

“It was really fun,” says Dana Nichols. “It showed me how close everybody in our grade is, and the bond we have.”

Many said the same about the morning.

“It was a lot of fun how we got to build teams,” says Adelia Owens. “Our class has a lot of cliques, and so we don’t really get to do a lot of group things, so I thought that was really cool.”

In the afternoon, the 9th graders chose from 3 different service projects: making stress balls, writing letters to middle schoolers, or making bookmarks for families to use when reading with their children.

“[My favorite part of today] Was the stress balls.” said Owens. “They were a lot of fun. [It was fun] making them, and the fact that they would help somebody.”

Vanessa, project specialist, organized the great day of service for high school.

“[Planning the great day of service] was a little stressful, just because there are things that are out of my hands,” says Castro. “For example, the weather. Not knowing whether it was going to rain, I just crossed my fingers and hoped it didn’t.

Overall, the great day of service was well received among 9th graders.

“I really like the great day of service, because it teaches us about different ways to serve our community, and it’s a fun thing to do as a group.” said Nichols.

Castro also agrees the great day of service was a hit.

“Maybe next year we might open it up to the whole school,” said Castro. “I think everyone’s had fun. I hope we get to do this again next year, and have as much fun.